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Stop spending un-necessary time and money on products and services not tailored for the visual artist or creative small business. If you use any form of photography, digital media or graphics in business or it's promotion, you need the Visual Arts Resource Manual. It will help you streamline your search for locating businesses and services for (Visual Artists, Craft Artisans, Graphic Artists, EBay Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed and Real Estate Professionals). This book features hundreds of resources used to help you run your business, promote your art or business products. Find advice and resources for: post card and greeting card printers, legal help, camera repairs, art tents, slide dupes, copyright info., photo labs, trade show fixtures, note card supplies, framing, professional societies, career help, computer soft wares, discount books, art packaging, raw materials, business related books, digital printing supplies, paper goods, etc. Avoid the wasted research time and money. All book resources were researched and many are regularly used by the Author and other successful artisans like you. Earn a better profit for your time and efforts. This book will also be an asset to creative individuals who create handmade art products.


AVOID making the same mistakes that hundreds of other creative professionals and visual artists make when starting their own businesses. They don't have the business coach, mentor or buddy to offer them advice on where to find the Products and Services they need for their business start-ups. Avoid the syndrome of the "Blind Leading the Blind" you will experience at on-line help forums.

Written by a Professional Photographer and published artisan with over 20 years of industry experience. Purchase of the book entitles you to free tips and advice from the Author.


The Visual Arts Resource Manual- A self help resource book for the Contemporary Photographer and Visual Artist.


This book was made for the Do-It -Yourselfer

The Story Behind the Book / Book Subjects and Resources / Book Purchasing Info.

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Book Subjects and Resources

  • Web Addresses & General Information
  • Professional Visual Artist and Photographer Organizations
  • Archival Materials and Archival Print Washers
  • Photo Labs
  • Photo Chemicals and Chemistry Kits
  • Alternative Photo Processes
  • Other Chemistry Suppliers
  • Copyright Information Sources
  • Copyright Protection of Your Art and Photography
  • Legal Help & Hot Lines
  • Fine Art Reproduction Photos
  • Photography & Art Schools and Related Workshops
  • Personal Development & Self Help Learning Programs
  • Camera and Photo Equipment Repairs
  • Art Commission Organizations
  • Photography Books
  • Artists Books & Newsletters
  • Visual Art Related Books & Business Books
  • Business Forms and Labels
  • Trade Show & Business Displays
  • Display Racks
  • Artist Canopies
  • Framed Art Display Racks
  • Artist Materials & Framing Supplies
  • Artist & Photography Related Magazines and Publications
  • Stock Photography
  • Outlets to Sell Your Artwork and Photography
  • Business Insurance
  • Photo Labs & Promotional Support Services
  • Custom Product Labels and Tags
  • Post Cards, Embossing and Posters
  • Catalog Sheets & Multi-Page Catalogs
  • Calendars and Promotional Give Away Items
  • Printing Sources
  • Envelope Vendors
  • Replacement Bulb Sources
  • Photo Equipment & Photo Supplies
  • Pinhole Camera Information
  • Stock Photography Marketing, Slide Labeling & Computer Software Sources
  • More Web Sites
  • Photo Ink Jet Paper Suppliers
  • Women Business Sources
  • Presentation Materials for Photographers & Visual Artists
  • Merchandise Packaging
  • Artist & Photographer Note Card Supplies
  • Visual Presentation Supplies
  • Collection Agencies and Credit Card Processing
  • Used Camera & Photographic Equipment Sources
  • Framed Art & Photograph Shipping Containers
  • Mailing List Companies
  • Artist & Photographer Career /Business Consultants
  • Professional Photo & Video Lighting Equipment
  • Refurbished Macintosh Computer Equipment and Software
  • Small Business Software
  • Web Site Domain Registration
  • Postage


Book Purchasing Information

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 The Story Behind the Book

My book was created to assist visual artists of all types (contemporary artists, photographers, graphic artists, etc.), who create, display, direct, or use photography, art or graphics. This resource guide will also be of considerable help to small businesses, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, professional craft artists, historical societies, museums, art & photo galleries, photo and art hobbyists. If you use photography or art in your line of business or in your organization, this book will become an important business tool and a valuable source of information in your journey of solving your visual arts problems.

I have gone through a lot of frustrating times trying to locate products and resources to market my photographs. The name of my business is Creative Photo Products. I make and have made alternative products that feature photographic images: like handmade photographic note cards, canvas tote bags, tee shirts, pillows, gift enclosures, framed prints, clocks, refrigerator magnets and book marks.

With my quest to manufacture all of these products and find vendors and suppliers was a real difficult job. Dealing with the financial end of things of purchasing quantities to make the products cheap enough to be able to wholesale them at a profit was a real challenge. Many manufacturers knew very little about anything that was not in their specialization. I had to become my own detective to find sources for raw materials and packaging for my products. Well, after doing all of this manufacturing, product development and marketing, I became a knowledgeable expert in finding resources for creative people and self employed people trying to market and promote their creative products.

Because of my technical background and creative abilities, it has allowed me to see things a little differently than most artisans. In the past, I have done outdoor art shows and I would look at how other photographers and artists would display and present themselves to the public. I started giving them tips on being better organized (as a business) and where to find art & photo related products to make their job easier. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping others. Sometimes when I'm grocery shopping or shopping for a home appliance, I have to hold myself back from starting conversations with people standing next to me looking at products, because I know some things that I have purchased in the past are not worth the money or are poor products.

I do not have to tell you that being an artist can be a 24/7 job, if you tried to do everything you are suppose to. Many artists are sort of isolated from being able to find business products and services that could help them. For example, I participated in two artist business works shops this past year and the speaker of the workshop or presenter would mention how artists can have post cards made by Modern Post Card in California and there are still artists that have never heard of this place !! Some artisans still do not know where to purchase professional quality bags for their prints and handmade cards.


I also wrote my book, so I can stop repeating myself so much; with each artist. I love helping people, especially with not having to go through some of the hardships I had with finding resources. I love to looking for ways to work smart, so I can use the extra time to do more things I like to do. The story of my life is : I'm always faced with trying to answer my own questions, that the experts or accomplished pros can not answer. (One of my past mentors explained to me , "Artists are always looking for someone to tell them what to do").

Many contemporary artists may not realize that they will have to use some form of photography or illustration to help them market their work. Everything that is sold today on the open market is sold by illustrations or photographs. Even a can of soup or container of aspirin ! Artisans of all types must be educated or have some know-how about photography or the visual arts. Even if they subcontract those services out, they must know something about what they are buying.

I feel my book is very unique, because of the mix of resources and many of the resources deal with the field of photography and the visual presentation of art. All of the vendors and resources listed in the book are just what the Visual Artisan is looking for. I have specifically researched the vendors and companies with the visual artisan in mind. Also my book deals with presenting resources for the business side of photography and art (running a business). My book will provide a Visual Artisan with the basic resources to package, promote and sell their artwork in any market or venue they choose. I have grouped resources together that go hand in hand. One of the most important things that I want artisans to learn how to do is comparison shop.

Creative individuals tend to procrastinate and wait to the last minute to start important projects. They end up not having adequate time to comparison shop or do research on the materials they need for the project and end up spending un-necessary amounts of money because of poor planning and lack of comparison shopping for their materials. In my book, I tried to find multiple sources for certain products and services. Prices vary between manufacturer and region. I feel artisans should not have to shop for products and services just located in their hometown or geographic region. With the Internet and fax machine they can do business any place in the world.

Artisans and creative persons using this book should have a sense of curiosity and adventure. You should keep a note book of all of your favorite places or use stickies. The resources listed in this book are only a starting point, to help.

Find photography and art related sources of information for operating, promoting, marketing their business. Also find information on manufacturing products, locating equipment, supplies, filing copyrights, locating legal help, photo labs, self-help workshops, and computers.

This book was made for the Do-It -Yourselfer.

The Visual Arts Resource Manual

120 pages, perfect bound

ISBN: 978-0-9722850-0-1

Price: $ 17.95

 ©2006 Duane V. Gamble, All Rights Reserved


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